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About Me


Hello & Welcome to TAM!


My name is Irene & I created The Adishakti Method TAM to offer holistic medicine tools  from ancestral sacred wisdom for the contemporary lifestyle.  I believe true healing comes from the integration of body-mind-spirit. This means that for you to achieve your highest potential and optimal health, your healing journey needs to be focused not only in your physical body, but on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well. 


I am a Mexican/Canadian Medicine Woman and I have been involved in the healing arts for the past 20 yrs.  I started my journey as a western medical doctor in Mexico, then came to Canada to study Chinese Medicine.  I am also a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapist and Birth Doula. I love to dance, to cook, to co-create & commune with nature. 

I am fascinated by the human experience and the different states of consciousness that an individual can access for healing & transformation.  I am passionate about woman's health, psycho-emotional wellbeing & spiritual development. 

My goal as a holistic healer is to create a contained sacred space for you to dive deeply into yourself and find your inner powers of healing and transformation. I recognize that each individual is unique and has specific needs, this is why I use a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques drawing from my vast knowledge in the areas of western medicine, Chinese medicine, shamanism, tantra, buddhism, taoism & psychotherapy. 


It is my biggest desire and hope that through a Holistic Healing approach you will find better ways to relate to your body-mind-spirit and find relief from physical, emotional, mental & spiritual suffering while feeling supported and inspired to make powerful shifts that will bring more joy, peace, pleasure, health, and love into your life! AHO. NAMASTE. ALL MY RELATIONS. 

Accreditation & Training

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor #2645 by the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada May 2020 - present

Certified Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapist, Ontogony Evolution, Vancouver, BC, 2018- present. 

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner FP03547, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia  Vancouver, B.C.  2010 – present

Member of the Doula Service Association Service of British Columbia, 2013 - present

8-Weeks Clinical Practice Certificate, China Medical University of Taiwan, Taichung City, Taiwan,  2012

Acupuncturist Diploma,  ICTCMA Vancouver, B.C, 2010


Chinese Herbalist Diploma,  ICTCMA Vancouver, B.C, 2010


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Diploma, ICTCMA Vancouver, B.C, 2010


Bachelor in General Medicine, La Salle University, Faculty of Medicine, Mexico City, Mexico, 2006





Classical Formulas in Action with Sharon Weinzburg & Practitioners, Online Series,  May 2020

Shamanism year 1 with Dr. Carlos de Leon, Online Series, 2019-2020

Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapy (3 years Certification Program) with Dr. Carlos de Leon, Vancouver, BC, 2015-2018

Dzogchen & White Crane Kung Fu 1 year growth group with Dr. Carlos de Leon, Vancouver, BC, Nov 2017-2018

Instant Pain Relief with Classical Yuan Qi Needling Technique, Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, COMS 2016, Vancouver, BC

Nervous System Disorders in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, COMS 2016, Vancouver, BC

TANTRA Growth Group 2 year course with Dr. Carlos De Leon, Vancouver, BC, 2014-2016

Dona International Birth Doula Training ~ Douglas College, New Westminster, BC. Sept 2013

Daoism Retreat focused on Chi kung for Cancer with Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit, Mexico, 2013

200-Hr Lila Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Koh Pangan, Thailand, June 2013

Israel Spiritual 4 week Pilgramage with Gretchen Andersen and Gladys Gambetta, 2012

Daoism Retreat with Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit, Mexico, 2012

Fundamentals for Awakening with Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit, Lake Louise, AB 2011

Fountain of Grace with Parvathi Nath Saraswati, Vancouver, BC,  2011

Ontogonic Hypnosis Workshop Level 1 & 2 with Fernando Siliceo, Vancouver,  2011

7 Lotus Chi Kung Teacher Training, Salt Spring Island, 2011

Understanding Contitutional Diagnosis: Integral & Evolutionary Perspectives, with Lonny Jarett, 2010

Shamanism 3 year program with Gretchen Andersen, British Columbia, 2007-2010

Shodashi Sadhana Retreat with Maa Parvathi Nath Saraswati, Vancouver, 2010

Kali Sadhana Retreat with Maa Parvathi Nath Saraswati, Salts Spring Island 2009

Organity Massage level 1 & 2 with Monyca Bouras, Vancouver, BC, 2009

Healing Path Retreat year 3 & 4 with Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit Vancouver Island, BC, 2008-2009

Mahamudra Retreat with Dr. Carlos de Leon de Wit, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2008

Lakshmi Retreat with Maa Parvathi Nath Saraswati., Mexico City, 2008

Anusara Yoga Immersion Level 1 with Christine Price Clark, Vancouver, BC, 2007

Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Diplomas, Montpellier, France  2006

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