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The Adishakti Method



Home Practice

My home practice is a combination of  all the tools & knowledge I have acquired for the past 20 yrs in my healing & spiritual path. 

My passion is in the areas of womxn's health, mental & emotional wellbeing, as well as spiritual development. 

My goal is to create a contained sacred space for you to dive deep into yourself to find your inner powers of healing & transformation.  Together we can create a real possibility of liberation of body-mind-spirit. 

Depending on what each individual is needing at the moment, I offer a combination of: 


  • Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

  • Counselling & Body Mind Therapy 

  • Chi Kung & Meditation ​​


                               90 min sessions / $150


I can help you with:

spiritual / self development

energy / emotional balancing

hormonal balancing 

stress relief

pain relief

boosting immunity & vitality

IBS / constipation

PMS / irregular menses

hypo / hyper thyroidism


anxiety / depression

adrenal fatigue

and more....

Online Services 

Now is the future, and thanks to the amazing technology that we have available, we can stay connected from a far and I can be of service to individuals in need that live in a different cities, even different countries.  There is so much that we can do through an online session.  I offer a combination of:

  • Chinese Medicine & Herbal Formulas

  • Counselling & Body-Mind Therapy

  • Chi Kung Healing & Meditation

I would be happy to support you in your healing journey, wherever you are. 


Psychedelic Integration Therapy

What is integration?

Integration is when all the pieces come together and you receive a teaching and insight of a particular experience.  It is when you get that AHA moment!  It is also the process for implementing what you have learned into your everyday life. 

Integration is a very important element in a psychedelic experience.  Without a proper integration process, people may be missing out of the treasures of the experience.  

Psychedelic experiences sometimes can be difficult, but underneath there is always something to be learned and a gift to receive.  

Some of the tools I use for integration are:

somatic therapy

jungian symbols & arcehtypes

active imagination & visualizations

transpersonal psychology

neuro & bio hacking

herbal medicine & supplements

acupuncture & chi kung 


chemical formula of psilocybin on a blac


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